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Here are some links to info on important topics related to raising your pup that you might find helpful:  

First, the supplement we've been using to keep away ticks, mosquitoes, and is also great for the skin, coat, and immune system -                                                                                           Flea Free, or Fly Free -

Second, I used to have a link here to an online "Urban Mushing" school, but it doesn't appear to exist anymore. These are 2 great articles to get you started in that direction as a form of exercise and fun, though.  Do keep in mind, though, that a dog can learn the difference between his pulling harness and his walking collar.  The real key is to teach him young, starting as soon as you take him home, so you can still pull him around instead of him pulling you around! and

Third, an article on vaccination pros, cons, and considerations -

Fourth, a place near Madison that sells meat ingredients for raw feeding very reasonably -
   Bailey Farms...    

Fifth, my favorite training book, not so much dealing with commands as with establishing control by being the "Lead Dog" or "Alpha Dog" by lifestyle changes that communicate this to your dogs. Also covers preventing and eliminating behavioral issues -
   The Dog Listener  by Jan Fennell

Sixth, many ask what we use for shampooing. Any professional white dog shampoo should work well, but this is the one that I and my groomer daughter have currently settled on as working the best of the several we've used, with the best price. The price is good because this product has a 64:1 dilution ratio:                 Top Performance's Bright Magic.

Seventh, many people ask about spaying and neutering.  I don't take a stand on it specifically, but there is another side (we're assuming we all already know that we should not be allowing the proliferation of random mutts nor allowing our pets to be intentionally bred in an irresponsible manner) that we should be aware of in making that decision, so here's an article which presents the other side of the "neutering question", which includes further links to reference works -

Eighth, natural health products for your dog, and for your family as well, by the proud owner of Samoyeds from Melport Meadows!

​   Samoyed Run:

9) Komondor Bath video by Sara Abraham of Fuzzy Pup Productions, starring her Komondorok from Melport Meadows!

​10) Komondor Maintenance video by Sara Abraham of Fuzzy Pup Productions.

11) The Sump Pump Method of Bathing Your Dog

12) Straightforward instructions for Grooming A Samoyed by Samsmiles.