Find Your Perfect Little Partner and New Best Friend! 

Melport Meadows Pups

The Process 

We maintain a contact list, and as pups become available they are offered to be reserved in the order that names were originally added to the list.  When you inquire about our pups we will have a few questions for you so we can get to know you a bit and so we can help assure that you and your pup are a great match! 


When a new litter arrives

When a litter arrives we wait until the pups are all nursing and growing well, and we know how many healthy little boys and little girls we have before we send out birth announcements to expectant families.  We send out only a few announcements at a time, offering pups to be reserved.  If you specified a sex when you answered our questionnaire we will only contact you when the sex requested is available... otherwise at this point you will need to specify whether you're planning on a boy or a girl.  Reservations for 1st Choice Boy, 1st Choice Girl, 2nd Choice Boy, 2nd Choice Girl, and so on, are taken in order received.  At 4-6 weeks, as pups display more personality, conformation and coat, specific pups are chosen either in person or by photos.


ready for a new home 

Pups are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks. Research shows that 6-8 weeks is a crucial time for a pup to continue to interact with his dam and littermates as he learns lessons that will aid his interaction with other canines throughout his life.  Then at 8-10 weeks a pup is especially attuned to bonding with his new family - whether human or livestock - and learning basic commands and housebreaking.  

finding your new pup...

about Our dogs....

Our mama dogs and our papa dogs are our family farm dogs, livestock guardians, and companions.  Our Samoyeds live in the fenced acre surrounding our house, and spend a good deal of time inside with us.  Our Komondors and Great Pyrenees guard our livestock, greet our customers and guests, and patrol the farm.  Our dogs do not live in kennels and our pups are not kennel-raised.  We feed a primarily raw diet to optimize health.   Our dogs are enjoyed by our whole family, and we allow them to have litters periodically.

healthy pups from us to you!

‚ÄčAll of our pups are vet checked, up-to-date on vet work, and health guaranteed for 2 1/2 years. Our parents are on a raw diet and our pups are on a partially raw diet to optimize health.  Melport Meadows is licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

what to expect on homecoming day...

All pups are freshly bathed and groomed before they are sent home, with the exception of pups who will be sleeping outdoors in cold weather.  Those get a groom and half-bath to avoid shampooing out the natural oils in the coat and skin that help keep them warm.

Pups come with a collar, a puppy folder - including a 7-generation pedigree, vet paperwork, AKC paperwork and info on various topics from the AKC, information on your breed, a puppy training booklet, and lots of info on growing the healthiest pup you can using diet and exercise - the first feeding of the raw food your pup is accustomed to getting each evening, and a gallon bag of the kibble he has had free access to as he's been growing.

We're often asked what to bring when picking up a puppy, and if a crate is necessary.  You'll need a leash for rest stops, a dish for drinks, a blanket for him to lay on, and possibly a toy or something to chew if it's a long drive.  Personally, we find a crate is most often unnecessary since a pup will usually do fine with just a blanket, so this is a personal preference.  A long drive can be an advantage if it's used to give your pup a chance to get to know his new family members. By the time he gets home he can say "Well, these people aren't so bad...I think I could live with them and they could make a pretty nice family for me!"